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No More Excuses! Here’s Discount Code for Your Next 5K

Use Discount Code DogDays for a 25% discount.

Now Is Your Chance To Join the 2018 Makin’ Whoopie Virtual Race Series

Find your motivation. Earn Whoopie Finisher Medals. Pick up Free Swag

Use Coupon Code DogDays for a 25% discount.

Three 5k Races for one low price

Sometimes we just need a little boost to get us moving in the right direction. Here’s your boost: the discount code “DogDays” to get 25% off the Makin’ Whoopie Challenge Virtual Race Series.

We want to help you get your running motivation back on track.

We all have those days where we have no motivation to run. You are tired. You worked long hours. The baby kept you up all night. The schedule is so packed there is no extra time. You are tired. (Did I say that already?)

Sometimes the lack of motivation lasts a day. Sometimes it drags on for weeks….gulp…or months. Ladies and gentlemen, NO more excuses!

Seriously, say it with me: NO… More…Excuses!


infographic step by step how to complete the makin' whoopie Virtual race series

I Have A Hectic Schedule.  With the Makin’ Whoopie Challenge, you decide when and where to complete each 5k. Complete it on a track with friends, on your favorite running trail or even on your treadmill while the kiddos are napping.

I can’t run an entire 3.1 miles, am I ready for a 5k race?  Here’s a little secret. neither can I.  This Challenge is all about challenging yourself.

Run, walk or crawl the 3.1 miles. It doesn’t matter if you run an 8 minute mile or 16. All that matters is that you challenge yourself to be faster and stronger than yesterday.

How Long do I have to finish this Challenge? You can take as long as you need. Spread the challenge out over weeks or crank out all three 5k’s in a weekend.

Again, it’s up to you.

All you need to remember is to pick up the free swag before October 31, 2018.

What do I get? 

Other than a healthier and stronger body and running motivation? Each participant to the Makin’ Whoopie Challenge will receive:

What is the price of this virtual 5k race series?

The price includes a total of three (3) virtual races.

The price for all three virtual races is $60.00 ($20.00) per virtual race.

However, if you use the race discount code “DogDays” you will get 25% off the registration fee. That comes down to $15.00 for each virtual 5k plus all the free goodies. That is an awesome deal!

What if I want to complete this 5k series but I live to far away from Lancaster, Pa and can’t pick up my free items? Can you ship them to me?

First of all, we invite you to visit Lancaster County. We know that you will love it here! There is so much to do.

But back to your question.

Unfortunately, we can’t ship the free items to you. The post office really frowns upon shipping ice-cream cones and we want our runners to experience some of the cool small businesses that made us fall in love with this area.

If you absolutely know that you can’t make it here to pick up the free swag items from the local small businesses, we will happily donate them to a local women’s shelter for you.

All you need to do is click the “Donate” button when you are registering for the race.

Your cool race medals will be shipped to you and your free swag will brighten up someone else day.

If you have any other questions or excuses feel free to reach out to us using our contact page or send us a message through any of our social media outlets.

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