FAQ’s About The Makin’ Whoopie Challenge

“Will my race swag be sent in discreet packaging? I don’t want my mailman and neighbors to think poorly of me for wanting to ‘Make Whoopie’ in Lancaster County!”
First, I’m not sure why you think people would be interested in your love for whoopie pies, but to each their own. I wouldn’t say whoopie pies are dirty, but they can get your fingers sticky. Maybe you can pack some wet wipes with you? Back to your question . . . since you are so concerned with privacy, sure, we will send your swag in an unmarked brown envelope, as to not give away your desire for “Makin’ Whoopie”.
“What ages is this challenge appropriate for? Can I bring my children along?”
If you choose to complete this challenge on a rural country road where there are no sidewalks, do not bring your children. As much as we love kiddos we suggest, for safety’s sake, to hire a babysitter and sneak in an afternoon delight with the one you love. Otherwise, choose to complete the challenges on a track or sidewalk.
Is this a race?
It is not an actual race that takes place on a specific date or time. You have a period of 10 weeks to complete all three (3) challenges whenever it is convenient for you. You may run, walk, bike, skip, or whatever mode of exercise that you choose. The point is to get people moving and to enjoy a visit to our beautiful county — that we are incredibly proud of. Currently we have a variety of routes listed on Strava (the running app). We are working hard to add more and welcome others to add their own Whoopie Routes to their favorite running app. (See below for information on how to add your Whoopie Route.)
How can I add my favorite Whoopie Route to my running app?
Many running apps have the option to save your route so others can use it. When it comes to Makin’ Whoopie, our motto is “The more, the merrier”! If you choose to make up your own route, label it as “Makin’ Whoopie Challenge, [Town Name], [Course Name]” so others may easily find it. Please remember to keep all language family friendly.
How far will I run?
We want to challenge you to run three (3), 5k runs during the 10 weeks. Each 5k run is 3.1 miles. You are welcome to run, walk or jog them however you are comfortable and wherever you are comfortable. Feel free to complete one 5K at a time, or all in one day. It all depends on what is comfortable and safe for you.
This challenge sounds dirty. Is this one of those “clothing optional” runs?
No . . . notta . . . no way! First of all, this challenge is about the world-famous whoopie pie. I am not sure why your mind is in the gutter. Anywho, if you choose to find a route on Strava, you will be running, walking, or biking through towns, farms, and back roads. You do not want your apples and oranges hanging out — it is likely you’ll encounter a farm animal that won’t be able to resist the “fallen fruit from the Garden of Eden”. There is nothing worse than a goat mistaking your apples for a snack. Don’t feed the animals; wear appropriate clothing.
What kind of swag will I be getting with this awesome challenge?
We love the anticipation of race swag and we want you to be surprised with yours, so we don’t want to give away all of the details. We are working on hooking up with some amazing local businesses that are giving you the best sampling that our beautiful county has to offer.