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What the Heck is a Virtual Race?

Virtual Race?3 virtual race medals snap together to form one large awesome whoopie pie medal

Does that mean that I don’t actually need to run?
Do I need to wear those ridiculous glasses?
Do I need to leave my couch?

These questions were recently asked to me and it reminded me just how new virtual racing is.

Let me get right to the point:

Yes, you must run, jog, walk, skip or whatever mode of travel you wish to do for exercise.
No, you don’t wear any bulky headgear (unless you are into that kind of thing)
Yes, you must leave your couch and physically move your body 3.1 miles for each 5K

What is Virtual Racing?

Virtual racing is an up and coming sport geared towards runners who want the challenge of running a specific distance, yet it gives runners the freedom to choose when and where they complete the race.  In 2016, there were thousands of virtual races completed in the United States.  Some runners choose to complete the race on a treadmill, some ran in groups on a local track while their kiddos practiced soccer, others ran on their favorite running trail.

It doesn’t matter where or when you run as long as you complete the task.

The Makin’ Whoopie Challenge 

The Makin’ Whoopie Challenge is about getting people moving in a fun way while encouraging them to be a little faster and healthier than they were yesterday.

What do I get with my Race Registration?

    • 3 races for one low price
    • 3 large individually wrapped race medals with wide 2″ ribbons that will connect together to form a large Whoopie Pie.
Important Note About Your Medals: 
Keep them under wraps until it’s time to Make Whoopie. 
Part of the fun of Makin' Whoopie is the anticipation
of unwrapping your surprise. 
You'll enjoy it all the more when you 
earn your prize!
  • Access to already blazed Whoopie routes that showcase some of the best back road running scenery in Lancaster County
  • A High self esteem: Feel your self esteem grow with every completed  5K run.
  • Earn the right to proclaim from the mountain tops that you made Whoopie on our Facebook page!
  • Quickly become the office stud as you brag about how you made whoopie over the weekend.

Where Do I Complete the Makin’ Whoopie Challenge?

Get Out, Explore Lancaster County and Share the Fun!

  • The Makin’ Whoopie Challenge is a series of 3 virtual, 5k races.
  • As with a virtual race, our Whoopie Makers have the choice to complete each 5k however, whenever, and with whomever they wish.
  • They can take their time and spread out the challenge for over a few weeks or crank out all 3 in one day.
  • The Whoopie Makers can choose to run, jog or skip wherever and whenever they feel comfortable.
  • They also have the choice to search Strava to find already blazed Whoopie routes that will take them bumping and grinding through some of the most beautiful Lancaster County Country Side.
  • As the Official Virtual Race Series of Lancaster County we couldn’t imagine our race metal being anything other than a Whoopie Pie.  And when you match Whoopie up with some of the funniest town names in America such as Blue Ball, Intercourse and Paradise, well, it just makes the perfect fit.

How do I submit my Whoopie Photos?

When the Whoopie Maker is finished with each 5K, we ask them to share their experience with the Whoopie Community by either emailing their photo to Tonia@makinwhoopiechallenge.com or by posting it to our facebook page.

Posting Rules:
1.  All photos must be family friendly
2. Please include #makinwhoopiechallenge in your title as well as how you made whoopie.
Include: “I made Whoopie______”
A recent funny example was:

I made whoopie with my BFF!

I made Whoopie in the rain!

The Makin’ Whoopie Challenge is a fun light-hearted way to get people to explore our Lancaster County Country side as well encourage healthy fitness habits.

Sign up now and start earning the coolest virtual race medals known to (wo)man.  But that’s just our humble opinion. 😉