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Why Vitamin D is KEY To Surviving This Winter

I love living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. But, I’ll be honest, winters are rough for me.
I feel as if I am meant to be a young snowbird who spends my winters roosting in a climate that allows me to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun on my face as I soak in the natural Vitamin D.
Gray cold day after gray cold day really takes a toll on my mood and we all know the saying about when momma isn’t happy…
Two years ago, we were able to take our family to sunny Florida during the heart of winter. I will always remember when my 5 year old little man guy, leaned back into a warm pile of sand with his hands behind his head that was tilted towards the sun and exclaim, “Ahhhhh finally, Vitamin S.”

75% of people are deficient in Vitamin D?

3 question test to determine if you have a high chance of being Vitamin D deficient

  1. You can’t remember the last time your arms and legs were exposed to the sun for more than 15 minutes.
  2. You live in the Northern Part of the United States
  3. You are actually contemplating the possibility that our sun might have burnt out because it’s been so long since it has made an appearance.

Ok, fine I made that list up and it is not an official medical determination but it is how I feel right now.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Getting sick or infections often
Back Pain or Bone Pain
Poor concentration or poor memory
Bone Loss

What is Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most interesting and important vitamins that our body needs in order to function correctly and efficiently.  Interesting enough, our bodies are able to make most of the Vitamin D rather than get it from our food.
When we expose our bare non-sun screened skin to natural sunlight, our body converts the sunshine into chemicals that are then used by every single cell in our body.

–I suddenly feel like my wilting houseplant that has stretched towards the window in a failed attempt to get sunlight.–

When we are hibernating inside of our homes for the winter, there is no way we are getting enough sun exposure for our bodies to produce enough Vitamin D on it’s own.  I don’t know about you, but I hate the 30 seconds that it takes me to run from my warm home to my running car.  I am absolutely not interested in sitting outside in shorts and a tee shirt in 20 degree weather while freezing my giblets off.

Food Sources

If we can’t get enough sun exposure where do we get Vitamin D from?

Wild caught Salmon 400 IU per 3oz.
Mackerel 400IU per 3 oz
Tuna 228 IU per 3 oz
Raw Milk 98 IU per 1 cup (We are blessed to have many options for raw milk here in Lancaster County)
Eggs 41 IU per 1 Large Egg


The following information is what was suggested to me (notice the “me”) by my doctor. I highly recommend that you talk to a doctor who is willing to test your body to see if / how deficient you are.  Also, the following products are what I take daily. I am not an affiliate of any of the companies, they are just what I choose for my family after doing research.
Ok, enough small print.

There are conflicting numbers as to how much Vitamin D the average adult needs daily.
I have read anywhere from 400 IU of Vitamin D per day up to 5000 IU’s a day.
Obviously, if you are reading this blog from your back yard that includes a beautiful beach and palm trees, then you wont need as much as us Northerners.
My doctor recommended that I take at least 5000 IU of Vitamin D a day. Now, scan back up to the food list. That is nearly impossible for me to achieve with just food.

When you go looking for supplements, look for products that state they have Vitamin D3.  D3 is used 3x’s more efficiently by our bodies than D2.

Vitamin D SupplementsD3 Supplement

I currently take 5 drops of D3 Serum.  It takes like olive oil and is very easy to drop into your kiddos mouths as they are walking out the door.

Cod Liver Oil

I also love Standard Process Cod Liver Oil Pills. They do not have the fish taste or after taste for that matter, which is a plus when you are giving them to your children.

I highly urge you to look into the benefits of making sure your Vitamin D levels are up to par. This sunny Vitamin is key to staying healthy and fighting off the flu as well as upping your moods so we don’t feel like we are just surviving the bland northern winters.  We want to Thrive!

Deep thought:  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get a prescription for a Caribbean Vacation in order to get my natural dose of Vitamin D? I wonder if my husband would fall for it?

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