How It Works

What is the Makin’ Whoopie Challenge?

Since the beginning of time, humans have lived for Whoopie. The Makin’ Whoopie Challenge is the mastermind idea that was born out of our three passions:

Love for scenic lancaster county pennsylvania
love for healthy lifestyle lancaster county pa
love for whoopie pie pennsylvania amish whoopie pie

The Makin’ Whoopie Challenge is a non-competitive run consisting of three 5K runs celebrating three scenic and memorably named small towns in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Using your favorite running app, you will have the opportunity to choose already marked routes depending how “in-the-mood” you are that day. You can choose to run, walk, skip, bike — or whatever is comfortable for your fitness level.

Our Whoopie-makers will get "warmed up" in Blue Ball, "go the distance" in Intercourse, and then "cool down" in Paradise.
Just follow the steps below and you'll find yourself Makin' Whoopie in no time!
How do you make whoopie makin whoopie challenge


Sign up and go solo or grab a few of your closest "friends with benefits" and form a Makin' Whoopie Team. We believe that Makin' Whoopie bonds people together, so grab your co-workers, a group of friends, or your best friend's mom and sign up today!

How do you make whoopie makin whoopie challenge


Wait patiently by your mailbox for the delivery of your discreetly-packaged Whoopie Race Packet. It will contain everything you need to complete your challenge along with your individually wrapped medals, Whoopie Tee-Shirt, and information about how to collect your awesome race swag from our sponsors.

Important Note About Your Medals: Keep them under wraps until it’s time to Make Whoopie. Part of the fun of Makin' Whoopie is the anticipation. You'll enjoy it all the more when you earn your prize!

How do you make whoopie makin whoopie challenge


Complete the challenge wherever and whenever the mood strikes you. You may be so excited about Makin' Whoopie that you complete all 3 challenges in a day. Or you may decide to take your time and make it last by spreading the challenge out over several weeks. We want Makin' Whoopie to be a fun experience; there are countless ways to enjoy this challenge!

Feel free to Make Whoopie in your own neighborhood, on your favorite running trail or even in the comfort of your own home on your treadmill. OR feel free to use Strava (one of the best running apps), to choose from many already planned and mapped-out distances. Or, you may decide to go rogue and find your own path to Makin' Whoopie. Feel free to share your own routes with others.

How do you make whoopie makin whoopie challenge


When you are finished with each challenge, reward yourself with a medal commemorating your success. After you complete all three parts of the challenge, your medals will join together to create one of the most sought after medals in the history of Whoopie Challenges!

How do you make whoopie makin whoopie challenge


Bask in the afterglow of your experience by visiting our Makin' Whoopie Sponsors. You will have the opportunity to collect some of the coolest swag east of Virginville. And don't forget to send us your photos and times so we can post them on our website!